Success Stories

Salida and Buena Vista Mentor

Success Stories

Robert and Joe

Robert and Joe just celebrated their one year match. Joe is an employee
at Colorado Kayak Supply and Robert is a 3rd grade student at Avery
Parsons Elementary School. When talking to Robert about Chaffee County
Mentors Programs and being matched, he describes his life as “before Joe”
and “after Joe”. Robert will tell you about his life “before Joe” as
sitting around, not doing a lot and being angry. Robert gets really
exited and his whole body language changes when you ask him what happened after he was matched with his mentor, Joe. “After Joe” he explains “I was outside, happy and near the river, oh the river, I get stressed out if I
am not near the river. It is so calming.” Robert and Joe are still
matched today. Their favorite activities include reading The Hardy Boys
together, Hanging out and yes, being by the river.
Scott N. and Ron S. have been matched for almost 1 year. During this time
Scott and Ron have bonded doing various activities such as hiking, horseback riding, working on cars, and learning to run a skid steer. Also during this time Ron has graduated from high school and held down a job. Recently, Ron and Scott have worked together to present a Restorative Justice training for our mentors-Scott and Ron worked well together and we all learned a lot! Scott has been a constant support for Ron, and in thinking about their 1 year commitment coming to an end, both Ron and Scott they would like to contine their mentoring relationship. Way to go Ron and Scott!
Josh and Steve celebrated their third year anniversary on March 18th. They enjoy hitting the slopes, bowling, hiking, playing tennis, eating together and traveling. Steve says that he has really enjoyed watching Josh mature from a boy into a young man over the past three years. Josh says that the most important thing Steve has taught him is “Be yourself because everybody else is already taken”. Josh holds two jobs, one with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chaffee County and one as an intern for KHEN radio station.

Whitney and Alison have been matched since September 2008. When Chaffee
County Mentors program staff commented on how long the match was, Whitney replied “you are going to have to either kick me out of the mentor program or wait until I get to old. I don’t want to ever end my match with
Alison”. The feeling is mutual, Alison said that she has learned so much
from Whitney, “I have had to learn how to support her learning style, I
have gained a lot of respect for her”. Whitney and Alison have been
working on getting Whitney’s drivers permit, getting her a part-time job
and fostering Whitney’s love for literature by attending plays and
speeches by visiting authors.


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