What is a Mentee?

Salida and Buena Vista Mentor

What is a Mentee?

Our mentees are community youth between the ages of 7 and 21 that want to be a part of the Chaffee County Mentor program and spend time with a positive adult mentor. Mentees spend time with their mentor engaging in activities that can be fun and exciting or laid and relaxing. Many of our mentor/mentee matches participate in activities from skiing to playing chess to rafting to making and eating dinner together.

Who are our mentees?

Sarah has been matched with her Mentor, LaDonna for over three years. “LaDonna never gives up on me and is always there” - Sarah

Some mentees might live in a single parent home, whose parent works two or three jobs. This mentee could really use a mentor that can give them the extra time and positive attention they need. Other mentees have a special interest, such a snowboarding, that their parents can’t provide. In this case, the mentee would be matched with someone who shares this specific interest. A Mentors PLUS mentee has been involved with the court system or has a special need to be met. These mentees are matched with a mentor that has professional experience in the mentee’s particular need.

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What is a Mentor?
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Referral Criteria and Referral Form

Know a local youth that could benefit from some mentoring help?

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